"Magri shuffles, struts, and swings with understatement and slushy propulsion... And his slower beats could corrupt youth." *** 

Modern Drummer Magazine


 "One of the pleasures this CD offers is listening closely to how much jazz gets through...the whole band plays it straight - music, rather than satire. There should be some kind of meritorious service metal for such honest workmanship." 

The Mississippi Rag


"Sex from a different time period resonates throughout drummer Ronnie Magri's Shim Sham Revue... The production and performances are top-notch, capturing an all-star roster of local players... Magri and the band offer a reminder of how vital this music still is, and how it can be played with fresh enthusiasm and style." 

Gambit Weekly New Orleans


"Magri's crew slide smoothly through numerous styles with the ease of seasoned old-time Jazz men, and the result is an album of music that ties together fifteen echoes of the past with the vigor of the 21st century." 

Tease! Magazine


"Magri and his seven-piece band visually bring you back to the golden age of striptease." 

Visitor Magazine New Orleans


"The music on the CD is uniformly excellent... Magri and associates swing and they have fun doing it. You may have heard 'Moonglow' or 'Stormy Weather' or 'Mood Indigo' before, but never with such a sweltering, scintillating sense of satiny sleaze."  

Offbeat Magazine New Orleans


"... stands on its own as an excellent swingin' jazz CD... The recording quality is crisp and clear, but not sterile like you find with many modern recordings. Overall, this is a top-notch release which will appeal to fans of the rhythmic raunch of the Las Vegas Grind series as well as those into more standard jazz n' swing music." 

Cool and Strange Music Magazine


"With the bawdy-house horns and suggestive rhythms evidenced throughout this collection of classics, the "show" is palpable that I find myself missing it... and that might be this album's only shortcoming... This one's a keeper." 

Atomic Magazine


"This is a good jazz band playing 1920's standards, slow blues, and jump numbers to replicate the repertoire that a burlesque show might require...There's some superior musical talent on show." 

Juke Blues Magazine


"Excellent music, beautiful package." 

Blue Suede News


"It's easy to picture the 'show' in your head listening to this one... And you won't want it to end with just Oyster Girl, but it does - and you still want more!"

Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society


The Tuscaloosa News lists "Shim Sham Revue" in the top six on "The A List of Southern Music."


"Ronnie Magri and the Bourbon Shakers evoke the hot jazz bands that used to back the dancers and Magri's precise timing of brass and percussion to undulating movement, bumps and gyrations is a thing of raunchy beauty and a joy forever." 

The New Orleans Times Picayune


"No question, one of the hottest shows you'll ever see is Ronnie Magri and his New Orleans Jazz Band... Magri recaptures the saucy French Quarter strip-club sound that kept the spirit of Storyville alive long after it closed down. In lesser hands, this project could have come across as corny and lame, but don't you worry! Magri and his boys pull it off with just the right attitude, style and hip-shakin' swing."  

Where Y'at Magazine 


"Magri's band is smokin', with Duke Heitger, an incredible trumpet player with a bold, brassy, solid sound that practically knocks you off your chair... and Magri slamming home those bumps and rim-shots like Gene Krupa in 'Ball of Fire.'" 

The New Orleans Times Picayune





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"Magri shuffles, struts, and swings with understatement and slushy propulsion... And his slower beats could corrupt youth.".

Modern Drummer Magazine